Scipione began strength training as a hobby at the age of 12, as well as making an art and life-long devotion of preparing delicious, healthy food to help compliment all of your fitness goals. He knows that "Healthy meal planning and preparation along with a proper nutritional regimen is the first step."


Scipione prides himself in taking a step-by-step approach to exercise with the client's goals in mind. He states "a one size fits all" training technique or nutritional program like most trainers believe, is not always best suited for every individual.


He knows that women and men need to be trainied with an individual approach from start to finish. The "follow the leader" theory to exercise and nutrition is not always best.

Scipione realizes that each client has a different goal and the same training techniques would not give clients the same result.


Michael Scipione is not only an expert in physical fitness, social responsibility and a leader in health conscious ingenuity, but he is proving every day that fitness can be a positive effect on your lifestyle and not a chore.

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